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rockers team up for Edmonton show

The 10 song collection of soaring, seize the day messages debuted at No. 6 on the iTunes rock charts in February, two months after the birth of frontman Dan Davidson’s first daughter, Georgia.

“There aren’t a lot of bands like us anymore,” says the 30 year old musician. “There used to be a lot of rock bands, but it’s not the coolest thing in the world right now. We’re just going to keep doing what we do try to write great songs that people can relate to.”

Video stars: Halo, shot by Michael Maxxis, hit No. 3 on M3’s Top 20 countdown and won an Edmonton Music Award. The clip features the rockers and snowboarders kickin’ it up in the Rocky Mountains.

Maxxis also directed Tupelo’s latest, , which stars some of the residents of a gritty, industrial town in West Virginia.

Market forces: The rockers know how to sell themselves in unique ways whether it be selling Tupelo Honey iPhone cases, featuring guitarist Tyler Dianocky’s painting of a lion, or starring in ads screened at Cineplex theatres. “I went to see RoboCop and I walked into the theatre right when my 60 foot image was on the screen,,” says Davidson. “I felt like such a loser walking in front of it,michael kors factory outlet Sales of leather accessories, but it was also exactly what my ego had hoped to be.”

Tour tales: The fivesome recently made their eighth trip to Canadian Music Week, an industry schmoozefest in Toronto. “Our showcase ended up having a line around the block, which is cool,” says Davidson. “I’m pretty sure no one from the music industry got in,Cycling Jerseys I have never had a bag leak, but we got to play some new fans.

“I went to another show with a couple friends and we ended up showing each other photos of our daughters. Loser dads at the bar, opposite of rock stars. That’s OK,nfl wholesale jerseys what and how you pack matters a lot, I like the daddy duty stuff.”Tanner Gordon used to be an aspiring folk artist until he met guitarist Tim Plamondon and drummer Brendan Urban and they morphed into The Unfortunates. Their second and latest album, Indie Films, is a multiplex of snappy,michael kors outlet, ’90s flavoured rockers (Talk Show Host), atmospheric torments (Brick By Brick) and Gordon’s first attempt at a straight up love song (Awake).

“We spent three years developing our sound, writing all the songs together and getting to know who we are as musicians and people,” he says. “We didn’t just want to be a good band, we want to be a great live act. It took time to figure that out.”

Video stars: Talk Show Host features Gordon playing the anti Jimmy Fallon an arrogant idiot who ends up throwing a tantrum. “It felt good,” he laughs. “It was a long day.”

Next up: The Unfortunates will release videos for Brick By Brick and Awake, directed by Jason Lucas.

Market forces: In addition to vinyl and CDs, The Unfortunates also sell tote bags, buttons and bandanas via the band’s website. “We do?” he says. “All right! I’m so involved.”

Tour tales: The band just survived their first two week tour of Canada, enduring broken ribs and 14 hour drives in a van. (Don’t feel too sorry for them; they got to go to a game between the Habs and the Rangers in Montreal.) “Four days before the tour, I took a hockey puck in the ribs,” says Gordon. “In Ottawa, I spent one day in the hospital,Christian Louboutin Outlet, but I played the show. They pumped me full of drugs, so I got through. I haven’t played guitar in about four shows but singing has been great. We’ve been playing really well. Adrenalin and drugs will get you a long way. The name of the cabinet minister and the details of the family drama are protected by a publication ban, but Lukaszuk involvement as deputy premier has become a public issue because thousands of taxpayers dollars were spent on the phone calls, document exchanges and video conferences that followed.

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