MACAW SOFTECH engages in publishing services for books and eBooks. Its services include design, composition, art, and XML services. The company’s primary objective is to use experienced publishing professionals and technology to provide high quality services cost effectively while achieving quick turnarounds.

With these goals in mind, and flawless execution of projects, its customers have helped MACAW SOFTECH achieve a good annual growth. In turn, customers benefit from a significant savings in production costs, lower overheads, increased throughput, and the ability to meet peak demands while maximizing profits. Our production facilities work around the clock to ensure prompt responses to customer requirements.

Our Mission

To ensure that our clients are one hundred percent satisfied with every single service we provide.

To be the leader in providing accurate and quality information using leading edge technology and ensure quality at all times.

Macaw’s Quality and PolicyOur-VisionMission

Quality is one of the important cornerstones for MACAW SOFTECH’s success. At MACAW SOFTECH’s Quality is seen as a Journey and not just a destination. This Journey began in 2009 with the establishment of MACAW SOFTECH Quality System Group and the formalizing Macaw Quality System. Diligent care is taken to measure the expectations of each and every stakeholder; internal as well as external and steps taken to meet them.

The MACAW SOFTECH leadership is deeply involved in ensuring that the organization’s commitment to quality permeates across all levels and stakeholders. MACAW SOFTECH has bench marked its Quality standards against Industry best practices and standards.

Quality strategy

  • Increase Customer Satisfaction
  • Improve Process Performance
  • Skilled & Experienced staff
  • Ensure improvement in our client processes
  • Latest Technology used
  • Reduce for our clients efforts spent on low value tasks