Cjoomla-training copyonstant training on technical subjects, production processes and other work related programs are conducted on a continuous basis. Various soft-skill training programs are also provided to take care of employee’s growth and career prospects. We believe, this in turn, would translate to customer delight.

Technology Solutions


Our technological innovations are aimed at providing quick and economic solutions to all your publishing needs. Our technology-based processes begin at the level of editing up until web publishing with flexible tools that can be customised as per requirements. The tools are user friendly and built to accommodate even the most complex of instructions and data. We also provide eBook services like ePub, iPad, Mobi, Kindle, and the like and full conversion services with user-friendly and interactive author-review options.

Open and transparent work culture

workMACAW SOFTECH stimulates an open, transparent, professional and a high performance culture. Monthly “Face-to-face” programs enable the top management to interact with every employee in the company, who gets a chance to share their ideas, issues, views or suggestions for an improved work and social life.